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Magic Water, as a product of our passion for pure and healthful water, is the best way of supplying every house and office with organically wholesome water.


Our system purifies water coursing through water pipes from any accumulated sediments, such as rus or sand.


Water supplied to our houses is often too hard and saturated with iron compounds. Magic Water softens water and reduce content of iron.


Due to usage of natural absorbents, such as carbon out of coco husk, Magic Water absorbs chlorines and putrescibles that contains water from pipes, enhancing its taste and whiff.


Magic Water naturally depurates water from viruses and disease-producing bacteria without purging water of its minerals.


Without usage of electricity, exactly like in water intakes in the whole world, Magic Water naturally reduces ORP and raises PH level water what helps in everyday combat againt acidifications and toxification of whole body.


Magic Water ionizes water atomising its structure to smaller particulars what simplifies assimilating water by cells and it leads to noticeable progression of metabolic processes and condition.

Discover Alkaline water filter system Pureast

Our private stream of alkaline water. Designed and manufactured completely in Poland.

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MAGIC WATER is chosen by families that know how to care about health. Water from our alkaline water filter system Magic Water improves the structure of your children’s bones. Moreover, it helps prevent diabetes and regulate blood pressure.


Professionals work on its metabolism with MAGIC WATER. Thanks to our product they always have energy even for the most arduous training. The best quality water regenerates faster. During any training your organism gets acidified. Alkaline water effectively deacidifies it.


Efficient work at office is a discriminant of the most successful companies. Firms that use alkaline water filter system MAGIC WATER give their workers better stress resistance and drop of frequency of migraines. Thereupon they work more effective and healthily

Why us?

  • More than 52,000 customers from Poland have already trusted us. Since 2013 we have been operating under the brand name Magic Water.

  • 20 years of experience on the market, we supply water to people aged from 0 to 100+ years old.

  • 24 hours – this is an exact time to complete the order starting from the moment of payment.